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Rotary Club of Petoskey-Noon Club 2015-2016 Strategic Goals  

Summary of Goals for Rotary Club of Petoskey  

Membership Goal:

Increase from 99 to 100 members by 30 June 2016 (Hicklen)
Formalize Sponsor Program, Fireside, Induction, 6 Month Monitor (Brummeler)
Total Retention at 92% (Millar)
Club Program on Diversity (Thomas)

Leadership Goal:

4 Club members attend Muskegon District Conference (Thomas)
President Elect (Kent) to Pre-PETS & PETS (Cartwright)
Have President Succession Plan (Thomas)
President (Dave) attend District Training Assembly (Thomas)
Train Majority of Members on use of Club Runner (Newton)
Install Event Scheduler (Newton)

Public Image / Public Relations Goal:

Plan to Improve Public Image (Community Report) (Thomas)
Print Business Cards for All Members to distribute (Newton)
Pedal For Polio competition with Sunrise Club with PNR coverage (Scholten)

The Rotary Foundation Goal:

Raise $10,000 for the Annual Fund (EREY) (Club)
Club average per capita minimum $100 (Club)
Club has a TRF Chair that communicates 6X yr with District (Etienne)
Raise $2,000 for Polio Plus (Club)
Raise $2,000 for Paul Harris Society (Club)
Raise $5,000 from Sustaining Members (Club)

Humanitarian Service Goal:

Participate in Local Food Program / Like Manna (Frentz)
Participate in Clean Water Project (Calabrese)
New Project Sponsor Middle School G-3 Robotics Team (Lynde)
Partner with another Club outside district 6290 (Calabrese)

Youth Services Goal:

Club sends student to Life Leadership Conference (Cranney)
Set up Interact Club with Char-Em School District (Cross)
Strive Scholarship Student Coaching Program (Dykstra, Shawn, Frentz)
Partner with other 2 Petoskey clubs on Youth Exchange (Brummeler)
Train appropriate members on Club Youth Protection Policy (Cross)

Fellowship Goal:

Trip to TC for Beach Bums Game (Beno)
Two Billy/Duff Club Retreats (Beno)
President attend Rotary International in Korea (Thomas)

Board/President Goals:

Highway Pick-Up, Blood Drive, Bell Ringing, Toys for Tots (Cranney)
Teacher of the Year Award (Hurd)
Career Development Day at Middle School (Shawn)
Raise $50,000 via 6 fundraisers to support our Philanthropy (Rogier)
Partner with Top of Michigan trails Council (Bauer)
Set up On-Going Administrative Advisory team by title (Thomas)
Award over $100,000 to Community via PRCCI & Parks Fund (Brown, Waldvogel)


This set of goals is a work in progress.