International Service


International Service

Ocoa Water Filters Delivered

Ernie & Judy Mainland, Petoskey Rotary Club, Lisa Ballentine and Club Rotario San José de Ocoa:

Thank you for the labor that you have been done to the final deliver of 140 filters that with the club Rotario Santiago Gurabito coordinated to the communities of La Isleta del Barrio San Luis and El Rosal de Sabana Larga in San José de Ocoa. My feelings this night are so high that are hard to express, and proud of all of you and my club. I’m not going to write a lot; just I’m going to send the picture of one memorable day.

Alexandra Martinez Adams
Presidente Club Rotario Santiago Gurabito
Alexandra Martínez de Adams
Club Rotario Santiago Gurabito D. 4060
Presidente Club 2008-2009
Secretaria Gobernación 2007-2008
Asistente Gobernador 2005-2006 2006-2007
Presidente Comité Avenida Internacional 2007-2008
Secretaria del club 2004-5 2005-6 2006-7
Celular 809-753-5505
Casa 809-226-8565
Fax 809-582-0786
Fax US 518-338-0124


There are literally thousands of children in Haiti who have no chance of sustaining healthy, productive lives because of the extreme poverty of the country. It is common practice for parents from rural areas lacking in resources to send their young children to the larger cities in hopes that they will find a way to survive. Since the resources in the larger cities are also limited, these children end up sleeping in the open, as well as begging for money on the streets. As they enter into their teenage years, they resort to stealing in order to survive. Ultimately, they copulate among themselves, creating even more children in need. The identical scenario exists for children who are born in the larger cities. Whether or not these children are literally parentless or merely children who have been abandoned by their parents, the reality is that these children are “economic orphans” with no future. As a result, the delinquency rate within Haiti is extremely high.

Theo’s Work, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, is known in Haiti as ESPWA (Hope). It is dedicated to alleviating the devastating effects of extreme poverty on the lives of the children described above. The first step in doing so is to provide them with shelter, clothing, nutritious food to combat rampant malnutrition, and medical care. The second step is to educate these children, and nurture them physically, socio-economically, psychologically, and spiritually so that they will have the tools to be productive, contributing members of their society. This commitment, which is referred to as PWOJE ESPWA (Project Hope), will give these “orphans” a future. Additionally, PWOJE ESPWA (Project Hope) will empower these children with the knowledge to be industrious without having to destroy the environment of their country’s resources.

The Rotary Club of Petoskey, in collaboration with Rotary clubs in New Jersey and North Carolina, is dedicated to raising funds for the education of these children so that they can be self-sustaining adults who can also contribute to the financial stability of their country. In order to do so, $75,000 is being raised to purchase equipment, crops and livestock.

Listed below is an itemization of the needed equipment, crops and livestock. Anyone interested in participating in this project should contact Jane Millar at 231.487.1771 or by e-mail at

Wheelchair Foundation


For each $75.00 donated, we will match that and deliver a wheelchair to a child, teen or adult without mobility, freedom and often hope. You will receive a beautiful presentation folder, including a photograph of a wheelchair recipient, and a certificate indicating the person's name, age, country and wheelchair number. The certificate can be personalized as a gift in honor or memory of a special person in your life, or to mark a special occasion.

Contact:  Jane Millar

Phone:  231/487-1771

Jalalabad, Afghanistan School Project

The Rotary Club of Petoskey, Michigan, District 6290 has undertaken the obligation to equip a 20-room school which is being built in Jalalabad, Afghanistan by the La Jolla, California Golden Triangle Rotary Club. Our project consists of equipping each of the 20 classrooms with desks and chairs for the students and the teachers.

The school will be about 14,000 square feet and in addition to the classrooms, will also contain a clinic for the students and others in the area. Stephen R. Brown, PDG District 5340, is coordinating this project and the sponsors have been awarded a $30,000 grant from The Rotary Foundation and also a $50,000 grant from the Donner Foundation toward the total building cost which is estimated to be $116,000. We are estimating the cost of the necessary desks and chairs at $10 per student. Our figures are based on a Church World Service project to supply the same equipment at $10 for the desks and $10 for the chairs. The projected cost of our part of the project is estimated at $15,000 to $20,000 for the 750-1000 students.

In addition to fund raising efforts by The Rotary Club of Petoskey, we are recruiting assistance from other Rotary Clubs and other service organizations to partner in this very worthwhile project.

The need for this project was brought forward by Fary Moini who is a member of the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club. She is Iranian and speaks Farsi fluently. She has visited both the Afghani refugee camps in Pakistan and the proposed school site in Jalalabad and was able to converse with the Afghan Refugees at length and report back the great need that exists for a school. This school will accommodate both boys and girls, with the larger portion being set aside for girls.

A number of local people have been contracted in the Jalalabad area including the local “war lord”, the Jalalabad town officials as well as prospective teachers and students and all locals have been very positive with regard to the project. The school, when built, will be owned, operated and maintained by the local authorities.

There is also a local Afghan population in and around La Jolla who is very interested in the idea and is working with the Rotary committee in planning the overall project. The school will be built on a piece of ground that has already been donated for this purpose by the city officials. This piece of ground is about 3 acres and therefore allows ample room for future expansion of the school should the need arise.

The construction of the school was started in November 2002 and is currently underway. Fary Moini and PDG Steve Brown from District 5340 in California were onsite in Jalalabad for the groundbreaking ceremony. The community, including the local officials, is supportive and appreciative of the efforts of Rotary in helping their children.

For additional information on this project and to learn more about how your Rotary Club can get involved, please contact Chris Etienne, Rotary Club of Petoskey, Michigan.

Contact:  Chris Etienne

Blood Bank in Bali

Dialysis Machines to Nigeria